Friday, November 1, 2002

Anticipation builds: will 2003 be the year of PalmSource, Inc.?


By Michael Compeau

Relax. PalmSource has a plan, is diligently working their plan, and most signs point to them being "on plan." That was the impression I had as I jumped into a rental car to head over to Mountain View's Tied House restaurant and brewery on Thursday evening, the 26th of September. We were leaving the Open House press event hosted by PalmSource earlier that afternoon. The quiet cool northern California evening was just finding its legs, but my head was too busy to notice, trying to think through how I could come away from an event with so little new "news" with such an optimistic outlook.

It was the Buzz. The Buzz was deafening. From hushed discussions of spin-off preparations, to confident discussions overheard between PalmSource executives and press, to rising choruses of innovation being trumpeted by third party developers, to flashy, splashy, downright "kewl" devices being shown behind closed doors to refrains of Ooooo's and Aahhhh's uttered by blessed insiders, it was evident that there has been plenty happening just behind the veil during the past eight quiescent months since PalmSource's 2002 namesake conference.

Outside the beautiful new PalmSource digs in Sunnyvale, rumours were flying without benefit of wings. The rumors were bolstered, in part, by the wind which wreaked havoc on the tabletop displays of the Tealpoint Software troupe, and also by the pressure-cooker atmosphere preceding formal announcements of a new delicious spread of tasty Palm OS 5 devices that the attendees half-expected to appear on our dessert trolley at any moment.

No such luck; the cr