Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Ashley’s mobile tradeshow guide


By Ashley Parsons

Ashley Parsons coordinates a tradeshow list for Synchrologic, a company who makes mobile computing software. In the next few weeks, there are quite a few tradeshows coming up that feature mobile computing. If you're interested in goin' mobile and want to take a field trip, you should check out Ashley's guide.

Since there are tradeshows in San Diego and New Orleans, among other cities, we strongly recommend you start working on your company right away. If you need an official excuse (and we're not talking about partying down in New Orleans, we're really not), just tell them that these are all strongly recommended by Windows CE Power Magazine. Now, if you manage to go because of that flimsy excuse, you owe us all a box of cookies. And, please, none of those cheap, store-bought, cellophane-wrapped hard and dry cookies. We expect home baking for these excursions.

Microsoft Windows CE Tours

Microsoft is hosting the last three shows in a series of what was originally six Microsoft Windows CE Tours (and is now seven, with the late addition of a Toronto show location). These shows started back in the fall of '99 and are one-day seminars, free of charge, focusing on the Windows CE operating system. There will be speakers and approximately 25 exhibitors per seminar presenting their own products and services that address applications ranging from data collection to telephony and everything in-between.

Here are the dates and locations:

  • March 14, 2000 (Boston, MA)
  • March 28, 2000 (Chicago, IL)
  • June 7, 2000 (Toronto, Ontario)

For more information, visit

Gartner's Mobile/Remote Access Network and Platform Challenges

Here's your excuse to go to New Orleans for a real, live business reason. Can you say junket?

GartnerGroup recently renamed their Remote Access Show to Gartner's Mobile/Remote Access Show. With the explosive growth of mobile workforces and the challenges this places on IT Managers, Gartner's analysts will be speaking on how to support a mobile infrastructure. This is typically a smaller, more focused show than Gartner's typical IT shows. There are usually about twelve corporate sponsors and ten companies demonstrating their products and services.

Ok, that's all fine and dandy. But once again, we're forced to remind you: New Orleans. Think of it...New Orleans on an expense account. So you have to listen to analysts for a little while and just because it costs a whopping $1,395 for Gartner clients and $1,695 for non-Gartner clients, that's no reason not to hit your travel office up right now for tickets. After all, it is New Orleans.