Tuesday, January 1, 2002

Enterprise to be in focus at PalmSource 2002


By Steve Niles

For we here at PalmPower's Enterprise Edition, the annual PalmSource event (at http://www.palmsource.com) is like a second Christmas because that's where Palm, Inc. and its partners make a huge number of exciting new product announcements. It's also where the company leaders spell out their visions for the coming year and let us know what we have to look forward to over the coming months. For the first time, PalmSource is open to the general public, so it's time to book your tickets for sunny California right now. Here's why.

If you're a fan of Palm, Inc.'s products or if you're looking to learn more about how Palm OS products and accessories can fit into your business situation, then the PalmSource Conference & Expo is the place to be. This annual event is being hosted by the Palm OS subsidiary, and there you'll learn how recent innovations in the Palm OS will power the next-generation of mobile devices and applications. You'll also get to see the largest exhibition of Palm OS devices, accessories, and software programs in the world.

This year PalmSource is being held at the San Jose Convention Center in California from February 5 to 8. If you haven't gone before, this is the year to go, particularly if you're interested in enterprise applications for Palm handhelds, as the focus on the enterprise user is going to be stronger than ever. A special PalmSource Enterprise Seminar has been set up, tailored for executives and business professionals looking for ways to use Palm OS solutions for business gain.

The Developer Conference

For developers looking to market applications to the enterprise, PalmSource will be a tremendous resource. At PalmSource, you'll learn how you can optimize the impact on your development investment, and you'll learn how you can be more competitive in your marketplace. You'll also learn how to gain access to the people you need to meet. Through strategic keynotes, sessions, roundtable discussions, hands-on labs, solutions consulting clinics, and informal marketing, the PalmSource Developer Conference will provide all those valuable lessons.

The Developer Conference is organized into six tracks: Palm OS Core Technologies, Devices and Hardware Expansion, Wireless Technologies, Optimizing and Extending Applications, Enterprise Development, and Marketing and Support.

Enterprise Seminars

For enterprise users, such as CIOs and IT managers, business professionals and strategic planners, educators, and power mobile device users, PalmSource will hold a lot of valuable opportunities as well. You have the chance to network, share experiences and ideas, and get a first look at the new technological innovations that will help you lead your business in the twenty-first century.