Sunday, August 1, 1999

Fredlet’s on the case


By S. Fred Green a.k.a. Fredlet

New Palm devices, new cases. And you know that I am just all over that, don't you? The Palm V units are super sleek and have a cool factor of about a hundred gazillion, but you still need to protect them from the hordes of roving mutant killer possums that you find in business buildings these days.

Let's begin with the Palm V, shall we?

Rhinoskin's Titanium Slider

Rhinoskin's Titanium Slider for the Palm V, shown in Figure A, allows you to open the case and slide the cover under the base but also gives you serious protection.


Rhinoskin's Titanium Slider provides serious protection for your Palm V. (click for larger image)

The Rhinoskin Titanium Slider case has become quite well known because it has more features than its predecessor, the original Rhinoskin Titanium Hardcase. It features a sleeker, smaller design, business card cut-outs in the neoprene lining and the ability to beam while still having the PalmV in the case. Rhinoskin's Titanium Slider also comes in the Palm III/PalmPilot flavor, shown in Figure B, so we mere mortals can still have our day in the sun.


This is Rhinoskin's Titanium Slider for the Palm III series. (click for larger image)

EB Cases Slipper V series

EB Cases Slipper V series includes a case that allows you to get rid of your wallet, one with a belt clip, plus the standard case, but with a new twist: colors. I've actually been wondering when colors were going to appear in cases. Granted they are fairly muted, but they are still a departure from the standard black or dark brown leather cases. These aren't the only colored cases available, but these are certainly the more businesslike colors.

3Com's cases

3Com's standard cases (the Slim case, Belt Clip Case, Dooney & Bourke, and the executive cases) retain the original stylings with adaptations for the PalmV form factor. The anodized aluminum hard case, shown in Figure C, for the Palm V makes use of the silo down the side of the PalmV's casing to attach the case. This, unfortunately, restricts the protection to the PalmV's screen only. Of course, if your Palm V is casually tossed into the cavernous depths of a bag such as I have