Friday, February 1, 2002

How the Palm i705 stacks up against the RIM BlackBerry

Table B shows the wireless applications comparison chart.

Table B: Wireless applications
Email & Wireless MessagingPalm i705RIM BlackBerry 957
EmailSupports 1 business address (Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes/Domino) + 1 address + 6 Internet email accountsJust 1 address
FiltersSet on client; can be done remotelySet at the server; must be done at the desktop
AttachmentsWith DataViz Documents to Go Professional and Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm OS bonus software, view, edit & share Word and Excel documents, and view & share PowerPoint presentations and PDF files. View many other extension types, too, via other Palm partner solutions such as Adobe, Ansyr, Aportis, BCL Computers, Equinox ActiveNet, FirePad.Forwarding or very limited viewing using 3rd-party software.
Instant MessagingAOL Instant Messenger bundledAvailable through AOL
Wireline AccessYesNo
Enterprise ApplicationsCurrently available via wireline and soon available via wireless access:SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Remedy, Computer Associates, Sybase, Lotus, PeopleSoft, Peregrine, SalesLogixA limited few third-party applications available
Internet AccessAccess web content via: Web browser Web Clippings, AvantGo, and OracleMobileOracleMobile, MobileClips, GoAmerica's Go.Web, and PocketGenie from WolfeTech


So, how does the Palm i705 compare to RIM's BlackBerry 957? The answer is, very well. As you saw, Palm's new wireless model holds the advantage in a number of key areas. When it comes to a wireless device for the enterprise, the Palm i705 is the clear champion.