Tuesday, July 1, 2003

InnoPocket products outfit the Sony Clie line


By Claire Pieterek

Need a cool case to carry your new Clie? Look no further than InnoPocket (at http://www.innopocket.com). InnoPocket offers lightweight but heavy-duty cases for the newest Sony models that will keep your prized Palm OS device protected in style. InnoPocket also offers other accessories to make your PDA life easier and more productive, such as replacement styli, HotSync cables, and screen protectors, all of which I'll discuss later in this article.

Cases: common features

InnoPocket's cases are brushed aluminum, which compliments the Clie's matte silver finish very nicely. They are lined with neoprene on both sides to cushion your Clie. All edges are rounded, with nothing sharp to catch on fingers or clothes. Unlike another case I have used, the hinge has been designed so that the hinge pin will not slip out. Yes, that's a minor detail, but I've been annoyed on more than one occasion when I got poked by my PDA case's hinge pin! InnoPocket's cases snap shut tightly but open easily, although they require two-handed operation, because they open like a book.

InnoPocket has been quick to market with metal cases for the latest Clie models, including the T665c, NR70V, and the SJ/SL series. The Clie is held in the case by a set of three clips that correspond to the slots on the back of the Clie itself. These clips hold the Clie in the InnoPocket cases very securely. Just snap it into place and you're ready to go.

In Figure A, you can see the back of a Sony Clie PEG-T650c, so you can see the slots on the back of the case. These align with the clips on the inside of the InnoPocket case to provide a secure grip.


The Clie is held in the case by a set of three clips that correspond to the slots on the back of the Clie itself. (click for larger image)

The Metal Deluxe Case

Figure B shows a Metal Deluxe Case with a Clie PEG-T665c inside.


The Metal Deluxe Case fits the Clie PEG-T665c. (click for larger image)

This side view lets you see many of the cut outs provided so that you can access all of the controls, such as the jog dial and headphone jack. You can also beam, remove, and replace the Memory Stick and HotSync via cable.

Figure C shows the Metal Deluxe Case for Clie NR Series devices.


Here's a side view of the Metal Deluxe Case for Clie NR Series devices showing many of the cutouts for access to the controls. (click for larger image)

I'm trying to track down an NX70V for review, and I really hope that it fits in this case. Although you can pivot the screen around and close it on top of the keyboard in this series, I would much rather have this kind of protection for the Clie. I don't see myself thumb-typing on it, being more of a Graffiti person, so I would rather reduce the wear and tear on the Clie's hinge and keep it in the screen-forward position.