Tuesday, June 1, 1999

Nostalgic, destructive, and constructive


Here at Windows CE Power, it's a lot of fun to get letters from readers. In this installment of our semi-regular Letters to the Editor series, we reprint a number of interesting letters. One fellow loves our publication while another is convinced we sold out to the dark side. What fun! We also include a fun dialog about ancient computers and answer the question, "Why isn't Windows CE Power a Mobile Channel?"

Thank you for the memories

I still have an Osborne 1 that runs. I don't use it for much except to show these youngsters how things were at the beginning. Somewhere there's one of those build-it-yourself computers with the switches and the blinking lights!

64k of ram was like wow! Ashton-Tate, dBase, WordStar, SuperCalc, then the IBM PC...and I agree with your thoughts on Boreland and Sidekick.

David Jay Kamison

David Gewirtz responds

Cool. You have one that runs! My friend just bought a Timex Sinclair on eBay and he got it to run (sorta). I think I managed to convince him to frame it and mount it. -- DG

David Jay Kamison responds

I have all the original upgrades, 300bps Osborne modem, 40 meg hard drive, etc. Funny, a couple of years ago they actually auctioned one at Sothby's and got $2000.00 for it. That's what it cost new.

David Jay Kamison

It's a computer. No, it's a religion

As many of you know, we also publish PalmPower Magazine, all about the Palm device. Most of our Palm readers are into their devices and are either curious about Windows CE devices or don't care. But every so often, we get one directly from the wacko file. As much as we'd like to include this reader's name, we don't want to do anything that might lead him further into never-never land.

Due to your decision to include WinCE [sic.] in your coverage, I will no longer visit your site, nor recommend it to others. Please tell me how I may go about unsubscribing from your Palm Power Tips mailing list, and following that, please never, never contact me again.


David Gewirtz responds

Gee, that's a bummer. My mom used to have a phrase she used when I was being particularly spiteful about something. She'd call it "cutting off my nose to spite my face". It seems to me that by not reading PalmPower, you're losing the advantages that other readers will get. And why? Because we choose to publish magazines on a variety of topics? That seems pretty strange. Time Warner publishes People Magazine, which bores the crap out of me. But that doesn't mean I'll boycott Fortune Magazine (or if I did, that it would diminish them in any way). You're welcome to choose what you read, but don't let your religious beliefs get in the way of getting the most out of your little machine.