Tuesday, February 1, 2000

Ode to our Senior Technical Editors


By David Gewirtz

With all the hoopla about Y2K and the millennium last month, I forgot to tell you something really important. Amazing, actually.

As of the December issue, we completed two full years of PalmPower Magazine. That's two years of a profitable, viable, successful, fun magazine that lives entirely on the Internet. When we started it, back in January of 1998, not one person we talked to believed it would be possible to make a magazine work solely online.

But we did.

As we've been seeing (and AOL gobbling up Time-Warner is the best example), the Internet-based new media world is winning over old media. And publications like PalmPower, DominoPower, and Windows CE Power are proving it.

As of February 2000, we'll have published 26 issues of PalmPower, 19 issues of DominoPower, and nearly a year of Windows CE Power.

When it comes to what's actually in the magazine, there are a lot of people who help make us look good. We have a relatively small in-house editorial staff. My job as Editor-in-Chief is to keep the journal on vision, to grow the business, and to coach our writers and editors. Then there's my co-founder, Managing Editor Denise Amrich. She's responsible for managing the operation of our publications and has started taking on much of the Editor-in-Chief tasks (in particular, our edits) for the magazines. Next, there's Heather McDaniel, our News Editor and Editorial Coordinator. She does our daily news, manages our weekly tips, and wrangles all our authors, getting articles in on time, edited, and ready for you to read.

But there's another important group as well. We haven't mentioned these people as much as I'd like and so I'm going to do so now. These are our Senior Technical Editors and they're very special people.

For PalmPower, Claire Pieterek is our Senior Technical Editor and she's amazing. If you've ever been on our PowerBoards, you'll notice that she's always there, always helping.

We've also been incredibly fortunate in DominoPower. Here we've got two Senior Technical Editors, Richard Echeandia and Dan Velasco. Dan's our newest Senior Technical Editor and writes what are probably the most entertaining and easy to read articles for Notes and Domino anywhere. He really manages to make everything understandable and fun at the same time. Richard is our connection with the industry. He helps us understand what's going on at Lotus and throughout the Notes and Domino world. He's also incredibly technically astute. So, when he writes an article, there's going to be some serious meat.