Friday, September 1, 2000

Pocket PC Viruses: Myth or looming threat?

Playing it safe

The best way to deal with a virus is to never catch it in the first place. The rules that apply to safe computing practices on your desktop also generally apply to your Pocket PC. So here is a list of suggestions for the paranoid:

  • Obtain and use a virus solution for your Pocket PC. The choices may be slim at the moment, but some protection is better than none;
  • Be sure that all desktop PCs you connect to also employ some form of virus protection;
  • Never install a program unless you know and trust the source;
  • Never open email attachments unless you not only trust the sender, but are expecting the file attachment as well. Just ask anyone who opened one of those unexpected ILOVEYOU files for further verification on this suggestion;
  • Only share files via your Infrared port with users you trust and who preferably also use some sort of Pocket PC virus protection.

A virus attack on the Pocket PC is more or less inevitable. However, if we're ready for it and take some preventative action, we can ensure continued safe and happy handheld computing.

Jason Carter is a Senior Systems Analyst with a major Telecommunications OSS Software Provider in Plano, TX.