Thursday, August 1, 2002

Realtors, become a Top Producer with your Palm handheld!

The answer came very easily. Top Producer has the ability to import your Address Book and To Do List to the Top Producer software. I was really impressed when I imported my Address Book from the Palm Desktop to Top Producer. First of all, when Top Producer imported my contacts, it checked for duplicate contacts and asked if I wanted to add a specific contact to the database. Second, Top Producer brought my contacts over with the categories intact. It even checked for duplicate entries. I haven't seen contact manager software with a Palm OS component support categories and a specific contact's notes and import them seamlessly. Very well done.

Importing my Date Book was also a snap. All I had to do was go into Options and select Import Date Book, as shown in Figure A.


Importing my data was a snap.

Then all I had to do was select the starting and end dates, which was very easy to do. Top Producer's Date Book interface is very similar to the standard Palm OS Date Book.

When you first open Top Producer, you'll come to a screen that shows your appointments, calls, and to do items for today, as shown in Figure B.


You can see how many appointments, to do items, and calls I have today.

You can adjust the date to see how many calls and appointments you have for the next few days, weeks, or months. If you tap on any one of the three, you'll get a list of your calls, to do items, or appointments.

Figure C shows my calls for the day. I only have one listed, so it looks like it'll be an easy day for me.


I only have one call listed for this day.

You'll notice that it shows the date and type of call (in this case it's a standard follow-up). On the bottom, there's a window that has the person's name, phone number, and what the call is about.

Top Producer also has the capability to assign tasks to different people in your office. For instance, if you have an assistant, you can assign the call to that person by tapping on the small face next to the done button. This will bring up another window, shown in Figure D, which allows you to see to whom the call is assigned.


You can see to whom calls are assigned.

Keeping track of listings

If you have a listing, you can keep track of every piece of information possible. Figure E shows my current listings in a list form.


Here's what my current listings look like.

If you notice, at the bottom right corner of the screen, you'll see a button called "Pictures". You can keep pictures of your listings in your device. This is really handy if you meet someone who is a potential buyer and would like to see a few properties. One such picture is shown in Figure F.


You can show your listings to potential buyers.

Obviously, the pictures would look better on a color device than on a grayscale device. Mine is on a HandEra 330.

You can also keep information such as address, list price, and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) number as well. This is shown in Figure G.


You can access general information about the property.