Monday, January 1, 2007

Save your money with SplashWallet


By Heather Wardell

SplashData's SplashWallet suite consists of the four programs we've looked at in the past weeks: SplashID, SplashShopper, SplashMoney, and SplashPhoto, which are together intended to replace many of the things you might carry in your wallet.

The suite gives you the four programs at a substantial discount from purchasing them separately. Since we've already looked at each program individually, let's take a look at the few things that all four programs have in common.

All programs

The synchronization between the desktop and Palm versions was generally perfect. I did try entering data into my Palm, but it's just so much easier and faster to enter more than just one or two items by using the desktop instead. Still, if you want to enter something via the Palm, it's available.

I did find, a few times in each program, that some of the finer points didn't seem to synchronize properly. For example, a shopping list in SplashShopper seemed to forget that it was supposed to be tracking prices for multiple stores. I was never able to get these things to repeat themselves consistently, and they were minor issues, but nonetheless worth mentioning.

Security, in the SplashMoney and SplashID programs only, is solid and well-designed. I was not able to get into the programs without entering the password at any time, and the programs only locked when they were supposed to do so.

One small thing that confused me: the SplashWallet suite is at version 6.1, but none of the programs are higher than version 4.4. I can understand that the different programs were developed at different times and are at different version numbers, but perhaps the suite itself should not have a version number to avoid this confusion.

Bundle pricing

The individual programs within the suite are all priced at $29.95 as of this writing, and the suite goes for $59.95. For this price, I would expect functionality that really changed the way I used my handheld. SplashShopper delivered this, and SplashID and SplashMoney would do the same for the right user; I feel SplashPhoto isn't quite there.