Thursday, April 1, 1999

Some days it’s just so good to be me


By David Gewirtz

My feet are no longer killing me. There's still a slight, residual discomfort that indicates that a serious foot massage might be in order, but otherwise I'm fine. Likewise, my bones and muscles no longer feel like they've aged a hundred years in a day. I'm back to feeling like my good, old, hearty self. Of course, a nice massage and a few hours in the hot tub would be a big win.

I'm writing this on Wednesday, and on Monday we did a trade show. This wasn't like normal trade shows. It was the New Jersey Technology Council's Venture Fair, where entrepreneurial companies and investors get together to learn about each other. The neat thing about this year's Venture Fair was that it was held at the Liberty Science Center, with a spectacular view of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. The rough part about the Venture Fair was, unlike most trade shows where you set up the day before, we had to be up at 4 a.m. to get to the show and build our booth before the judging began at nine and the investors and camp followers arrived at eleven. Needless to say, by the time the five of us from ZATZ:Pure Internet Publishing arrived home that night, we were tired. Tired but feeling really good about ourselves.

Did I say "the five of us from ZATZ:Pure Internet Publishing"? Of course I did. ZATZ:Pure Internet Publishing is the new name of our company. Component Enterprises stood us in good stead for a very long time. The period where I spent my waking hours at a place called Component represents a very special time of my life. It was a time of great transition for both me personally and the world at large. We're now a totally, irrevocably, completely connected world and this company is now completely and totally dedicated to the Internet.

As an Internet company, the name Component doesn't provide the right kind of brand impression we want. We want our name to inspire in others what we feel every day. When we say the name ZATZ (which isn't an acronym and doesn't mean anything -- it just sounds cool and looks cooler), we smile. When we say the name ZATZ with feeling, it's like a war cry or a cheer. Try it. Say "ZATZ" with feeling and see if you don't feel just a bit better about yourself and see if you don't notice yourself smiling just a bit more. ZATZ. It's fun to say. It has spirit and life and warmth and just a bit of challenge. ZATZ.