Sunday, September 1, 2002

Treo 90, a very different breed of Palm OS handheld

But what if you fall in love with the Treo 90 and still really need Graffiti? There's a solution for you! Newpen (at is a free application that turns your screen into a Graffiti area. It looks like the software was created before the Treo 90 and was targeted to regular Palm OS users who couldn't use the Graffiti area in dark rooms. If you can't see the Graffiti area, how are you supposed to write on it? Since the screen has a backlight, Newpen is perfect. You can write on the screen itself using the same Graffiti alphabet. I tried Newpen software, and it worked perfectly.

It looks like Treo 90 itself is not prepared for dark rooms either, because there is no backlight for the keyboard! Maybe Newpen can help us get along with this too.

I found the Treo 90 to be a very nice device. It's compact, and it has an SD/MMC slot and a color screen. Details like the charge/synchronization cable and tips like Newpen add even more value to the handheld.