Thursday, March 1, 2001

Wireless solutions for healthcare professionals


By Steve Niles

There's a vast amount of health information and resources available for Palm device users. This information can be accessed wirelessly, using a Palm VII or any other Palm unit equipped with a Wireless modem. However, those of you without wireless access to the Internet have a number of resources at your disposal as well.

The two main ways of accessing health resources using your Palm device are via PQAs (Palm Query Applications) and via AvantGo mobile channels. We'll start by taking a brief survey of the PQAs available.

Palm Query Applications

A PQA is a Palm application designed specifically for wireless Palm devices by third-party developers. PQAs are designed to let you query the Internet for a specific kind of information and retrieve it. What follows is a list of PQAs available from that will allow you to access health information and resources specifically.

HealthGate's MEDLINE

This PQA allows you to search MEDLINE for abstracts in medical literature. You can find HealthGate's MEDLINE at It contains more than nine million records covering all areas of medicine. PQA is available at With it, you can receive health news and information. Consumers and professionals can also use a variety of eHealth tools to search drug, herb, and vitamin information in real-time. It's pictured in Figure A.

FIGURE A PQA offers health news and information.

Air Heart-Consumer

With the Air Heart-Consumer PQA, you can get information on heart health and disease. You can scan headlines about recent studies, read what each study found, and check out the each author's own summary from the Medline database. It's found at and is pictured in Figure B.


The Air Heart-Consumer PQA provides information on heart health and disease.


Body1 is a health and medical information community. Its focus is on wellness through empowerment, healing technology, and care from the best doctors and surgeons. You can download the PQA at It's pictured in Figure C.


Body1 is a health and medical information community for consumers.

At, you can also download Knee1 and Veins1. Knee1 is your complete source for knee health. Its information comes from The PQA is pictured in Figure D.


Knee1 is your complete source for knee health.

The Veins1 PQA is a research tool from covering venous problems and treatments. It contains numerous doctor-reviewed medical conditions, procedures, and treatments for veins.