Friday, October 1, 2010

You’ll flip out over the Flip SlideHD

The second way to interact is to use a touch sensitive strip located on the horizontal area in front of the screen. The strip lets you scroll horizontally and access the settings menu. You can also tap the strip just as you would the display, to start or stop the video playback.

I like using the Flip SlideHD for those times when I know I"m going to want to show the resulting videos to the people around me right after I've taken the shots.

However, I still prefer the Flip MinoHD for carrying with me everywhere. The MinoHD is thinner by about 1/4 inch. That doesn't seem like a lot, but it makes a difference between simply sliding the MinoHD into my pocket and making a decision whether to find a place to carry the $249.99 SlideHD.

I'm still waiting for Flip to add an external microphone port to their cameras so that I can get sound quality that matches the video quality.


But wait... there's more.

Wide angle lens attachment

I also got to try out the $49.99 . This is a little attachment lens that increases the viewing width of the Flip cameras.

It attaches magnetically to any of the Flip cameras by attaching a metal ring around the lens. The package includes three adhesive-backed rings that fit perfectly inside the Flip's lens bezel. I could then simply position the .45x wide angle adapter on the ring in front of the lens, as shown in Figure B, and start shooting.


The lens attaches quite easily. (click for larger image)

I didn't notice any degradation in the quality of the video, but I did see a difference in the viewing angle. Using the adapter, I was able to capture much more of the scene. It is especially useful for indoor shooting in close quarters, or in shooting outdoor clips where you don't have enough room to back away from your subjects to include them all in the frame.

I like the lens for its simplicity and quality. On the other hand, it's one more thing to carry around. It does come with a nice little kit, shown in Figure C, including pouch, lens caps for both front and back, and a little cord that you can attach to both the camera and the lens, to keep them together.


The lens comes with a nice little kit. (click for larger image)

If you shoot indoors with your Flip, the wide angle adapter lens is an accessory you'll appreciate.